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We are a premier provider of Harbortouch Bar & Restaurant POS solutions. Our company offers free POS software and hardware for restaurants and bars, large or small. Get a free installation on Elite from a certified Harbortouch POS dealer.

Harbortouch Restaurant POS System

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Restaurant POS Software and Hardware Terminal

The success or failure of your business shouldn't fall on your old cash register, your obsolete point-of-sale or even worse, no system at all. It's vital to have the tools and reporting data available at your fingertips to make smart business decisions and to boost your revenue, especially if you want to run a successful bar and restaurant with all the competition out there today.

The POS company you work with should have the features and functions to grow your business successfully at an affordable price, but not all of the newer and modern restaurant POS systems are created equal.

That's why we offer the full-featured Harbortouch Bar and Restaurant point of sale system with no upfront cost.  It's a complete POS solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry. We don't believe businesses need to spend thousands of dollars for a restaurant management system, with our program we give you the POS software and hardware, and you only pay a small monthly service and support fee.

Running a successful service-based company in the hospitality space can be a massive challenge. We know the competition is going to be strong, margins thin, and it's going to get stressful servicing customers. The last thing you want to be worried about is whether or not your point of sale machine can keep up with your operations. With our advanced restaurant POS software, it's very fast, intuitive to use, secure and reliable. Your staff will be more productive than ever, and you'll spend less time managing your business and more time making more money.

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Watch How The Harbortouch Free POS Program Works

Increase Sales and Grow Like Never Before

Increasing sales and growing your business with Harbortouch restaurant POS systems is a no-brainer according to Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue fame. It's not just about the feature set of your software. Features change daily as different providers update their software and expand the various feature sets available, including Harbortouch.

We wanted to offer the first of its kind, a "Smart POS," which was developed with Jon Taffer. You're going to get the advantage of having Jon's frequency programs, revenue building programs, new customer programs, and check building programs. All of which are designed to grow your business and to keep customers coming back to your store. You won't find revenue building programs like this with any other hospitality computer system.

Our restaurant and bar POS system has years of built-in features designed to grow your business and functions to operate at the highest level with speed and accuracy. For instance, your servers can upsell your menu with forced modifiers. Track order history and provide loyalty points to keep your customers happy and returning. Splitting checks is a breeze, and you don't have to open a new ticket if someone in the party checks out, the order can stay open saving time for your staff. Encourage your customers to spend more with the bar tabs option.

Harbortouch Bar and Restaurant POS

The Harbortouch bar and restaurant POS system also has table management, and we offer a free service to accept reservations online. There's so much you can do at the touch of a button including transferring tickets, splitting checks, changing tables, reordering rounds, and communicate with all staff with internal messaging. Alos, you don't have to worry about security, our software and hardware is PCI compliant and EMV ready, so you can accept payments without worrying about chargebacks and data security. We offer many features, see below for more information.

Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue Recommends Harbortouch POS Solution

Best-In-Class Restaurant Point-of-Sale (POS) System


Be More Competitive

Get your business back on track.  We have all the tools that the top restauranteurs and bars use to be more successful and efficient.  Earn more by streamlining operations and serving customers better.

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Be More Profitable

If you want to be more profitable, you need a bar and restaurant management system that helps to stop order errors, control labor costs, and reduce product shrinkage.  We can help you.


Must Have Reporting

Without proper reporting, you're taking non-calculated risks.  You need to track your inventory, labor reports, sales, and tax data.  What's the best selling items?  You need to know these things.

The New Elite Bar & Restaurant Management Software by Harbortouch Has Everything You Need

Hospitality Point of Sale System for Restaurants and Bars

Restaurant Software Features

Free Online Reservation System

Accept reservations to your fine dining establishment with ease. With our built-in reservation and table management software, your hostess can reserve tables directly on the touchscreen terminal or through an iPad app. Your customers also can make reservations online. There's no more need to spend additional money each month for an online reservation system. The table management system integrates into the POS, and it's no extra charge!

Online Ordering Integration

Accept online orders directly through your website. Your customers go to your site and place an order; a ticket is then generated and populated directly to the POS terminal. Offering online services to your customers gives them an additional way to conduct business and makes it simple for staff to fulfill orders.

iPad® Tableside Ordering

Harbortouch Tableside is a downloadable app for your iPad. Servers can take orders from anywhere in the building where there is WiFi. The menu interface is identical to the terminal station. With this option, it's proven to increase your table turns, and you'll improve your servers efficiency. Here's a great article that explains the difference between mobile payments and mobile point of sale systems.  Just this one feature alone can increase your revenue, especially when you add food or drink runner.

Harbortouch Bar and Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Managers Love It

Menu Changes are a Breeze

First of all, we program your menu for you at no charge. All you need to do is send us your current item list in a pdf or excel format, and we'll take care of the configuration for free. After that, you'll receive training on how to make changes to your menu. Unlike some other systems, changes happen in real time, so you don't have to shut down the computer to make a quick change. The menu programming interface was designed to be easy to use, and it's straightforward to add, edit or remove items at the touch of a button.

Built-In Customer Database

Your managers and servers will love this feature because you can keep track of your customer's contact information and review their order history. With this valuable information, it allows you to target those customers with a loyalty program. With a correctly implemented loyalty program, you'll get more repeat business keeping your managers busy and servers happy with more tips.

Manage Your Staff

Not all management software have a built-in staff management feature, but we do.  The owner or manager can access the database used to track employees to keep track of employee time, monitor timesheets, and evaluate the sales performance of servers.  He/she can also manage the security levels to keep the POS secure and review void reports to make sure nobody is stealing from the business.

Jon Taffer Bar Rescue POS System

Jon Taffer Endorses Harbortouch POS
Due To Capabilities Like These:

Harbortouch Lighthouse

The Harbortouch bar and restaurant point of sale system is a hybrid solution.  What that means is you have access to all your data locally at your business, but that data is also pushed out to the cloud, so you have access to it there too.  With Harbortouch Lighthouse you get access to your POS remotely so you can make changes to your menu, manage employees, and see your reporting data.

Order Management Made Simple

It shouldn't be hard to split a ticket like on some restaurant software, with our system it isn't.  Management and users praise the interface because it's easy to split checks, manage gratuity, order repeat menu items, change prices or quantity, change tables, add coupons, and transfer tickets.  You and your staff receive full training on how everything works out the gate.

Harbortouch POS Reviews

Not only does Jon Taffer endorse Harbortouch (you can watch his endorsement here), but we have tens of thousands of customers who understand the value of our free bar and restaurant POS systems program.  If you're still on the fence and want to see some testimonials, we have a full list of reviews from some of the biggest names in the industry, contact us, and we'll be happy to share those with you.

Harbortouch POS Awards

Best Restaurant POS Trophy
POS USA's Top 5 Restaurant POS

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