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Harbortouch POS FAQ's

How Much Does it Cost?

Your POS software and hardware is provided at no upfront cost (other than shipping equipment). The monthly cost of Harbortouch Elite Bar & Restaurant is $49 a month for each terminal. There is required $29 monthly fee for ongoing service and support of each terminal. So the actual cost is $69/Month per terminal.

Who Programs The Menu?

Our programming department will perform the initial menu programming at no charge to you. All you need to do is provide a copy of your menu or complete the menu spreadsheet we will provide to you. Your system will not ship until your list is programmed and you have signed off that it's configured to your specifications, so it's vital that you provide the information promptly.

Is The Install Really Free?

Yes, we want to make sure your equipment is installed the first time correctly by one of our national certified POS specialists. After your menu is programmed and your Elite POS is ready for install, our deployment team will schedule a time for the installation. A certified Harbortouch specialist will come out to your business and connect everything for you at no additional charge.

What Merchant Provider Can I Use?

To take advantage of the free POS offer, you must qualify to process your credit cards with Harbortouch. Our POS systems are designed to be integrated with our merchant services, so you can not use any other provider. The advantage of this setup is you have one point of contact for the software, hardware, and processing. We price our rates very competitively, and if you're currently processing, we'll do our best to match or beat your existing rates.

Do You Warranty Your Equipment?

Yes. As long as you are a customer, we offer a replacement for defective or malfunctioning equipment. Our warranty will not cover normal wear and tear of a busy restaurant or bar. For instance, if someone spills coke on a printer, this will not be covered under warranty. You will be required to purchase another printer.

Is Tech Support Included?

Yes, we have 24/7 US-based technical support, a warranty on the equipment, and one point of contact for the software, hardware, and processing. This business model provides an enormous amount of value, and few competitors on the market can offer this type of service and support.  If you need to have someone come out to troubleshoot an issue, we have technicians available for an additional fee.

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